Customer App Experiences (Android & iOS)

Project: mPlaces iOS and Android App

Client: SessionM

Role: Lead UX, UI, & Visual Design

Partners/Teammates: Joshua Foster, Liz Cohen, Steph Fogg

The Task

mPlaces was an app that I designed with a small team of people at SessionM. The plan was to engage our hundreds of thousands of users with an in house application that was sticky and would serve as a fun vehicle for our users to engage with our platform and partners. This was one of the more open ended product experiences I've ever worked on. It was a blast, and unfortunately I moved on from SessionM before I got to finish it. It exists today as-is and results in millions of dollars of revenue for SessionM, although it is not a polished experience... yet.

Customer Journey

Visual Designs Build 1

Visual Designs Round 2

Visual Designs Build 2