Project: Wayfair Consumer & Business Account

Client: Wayfair

Role: Lead UX

The Task

Wayfair's account section was in need of an overhaul. The design wasn't scalable. There were duplicate links leading to the same page. And half of the pages and features withing the desktop account section were missing from the mobile experience. Below is the account experience Wayfair had, which was my starting point...

My Account Wires - Before.png

Research & Analysis

I worked with a product manager to pull the numbers for account usage to understand what our customers were navigating to My Account for. Once I understood that I did a full analysis of our current experience. The links, where they directed to, and what was on each of those pages. I analyzed and took hundreds of screenshots from all of the top e-commerce account experiences and all of Wayfair's competitors.  

New Information Architecture


Organized Information architecture, with a plan in place to get us closer to feature parody where it makes sense for the device. Heavy emphasis on Orders and tracking as over 70% of those accessing "My Account" are coming to access those links.