June 20, 2016

To whom it may concern:

I had the pleasure of working with Brad Durkin while he was the Director of Product Design for SessionM. Working very closely with Brad during that time, I can attest to his incredible leadership and product design skills. Throughout my experience working with him, Brad consistently demonstrated a rare combination of leadership, creative thinking and exceptional work ethic.

At SessionM, Brad led the design for the company's enterprise Mobile Marketing Cloud product. He oversaw the product from ideation to its growth into a market-leading product used by Fortune 100 companies and experienced by tens of millions of end customers. Brad and his team drove the initial ideation, conceptual design and detailed design for the product. Brad brought an incredibly insightful and well researched vision to the product.

Brad has an innovative mind and it showed in the design of our product. Not only does he bring great ideas to the table, but he is also very willing to take on other people’s ideas and build on them.

He has a knack for tackling projects very quickly and efficiently. Brad is quick to lend support in just about every way possible. I’ve seen him take on efforts to improve our engineering agile development processes, lead sales pitches and create marketing materials.

Brad also demonstrated exceptional leadership capabilities at SessionM. He built the user experience and product design team, and worked hard to mentor and develop his own team members. Brad brought that same leadership in his interactions with the executive team encouraging them to raise the quality standards for the product, improve processes across product and engineering, and to tackle large projects.

Brad has a collaborative nature and brings a contagious energy to his work. I would jump at the opportunity to work with him again, and would very enthusiastically recommend him to a future employer. I would be happy to provide a reference on his behalf. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about his candidacy.


Jake Troy


Senior Product Manager

Email: jtroy105@gmail.com

Mobile: 215-779-0437