I grew up north of Boston

in a blue-collar, single parent home. I caddied at my local country club, attended Andover High School, and graduated early to join the United States Marine Corps at age 17. I signed a contract to become a rifleman in the Infantry so that I could get my hands dirty. I spent my prom in a fox-hole filled with water and my high-school graduation with my face in the woods of North Carolina.

After bootcamp and Infantry School I attended UMass Amherst. While at school, I was one of the first 6 employees of the start-up CampusLIVE. We raised over $8.5 Million in venture funding and moved to Boston. I ended up deploying to Afghanistan with the Marines prior to an acquisition in 2013 by Connelly Partners.

In 2011, I deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, where I served with a small team of 22 Marines off-base in a Taliban friendly town. There I acted as a vehicle commander, mobile dismount, and combat lifesaver. After eight years of service I retired from the Marines as a Sergeant. I loved the Marine Corps and I am proud of the men I served alongside.

When I got back from the war, I cofounded a development shop called Clearview Digital with one of my engineering buddies. We ran it for one year and made a killing before selling it to ExtensionEngine, a larger dev firm in Cambridge, MA. We were savages.

Then, I worked for a few years as Director of UX & Product Design at SessionM, and built next generation consumer loyalty and engagement platforms. There I designed loyalty programs and tools for companies like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Starbucks, and Huggies.

In 2016, I took a role as a Senior Product Design Manager at Wayfair. Over the years I've managed multiple teams at Wayfair across multiple products, features and services. The work I'm most proud of what my team and I have done in the services space. Our product "Design Services" will going to allow millions of customers to work with designers online to create rooms they'll love. And my new venture "Home Services" will allow millions of customers access to handymen who can assemble Wayfair products right in your home.

At the moment, I'm living north of Boston (again). I have a rescue dog that loves hiking with Em and I on the weekends. I've also got a bengal cat that sometimes wears clothes (not my choice). Oh, and I'm engaged to some girl named Emily.


In Afghanistan

Our rescue dog, Apple

Our bengal, Penelope

 How romantic

How romantic